The Sea of Aragon

Mar de Aragón - Caspe - Believe in it

Caspe's main tourist attraction is the Mar de Aragón (Sea of Aragón). This is the name given to the lake created by the construction of Mequinenza's dam, a big reservoir that flooded a vast extension of Caspe's

Nowadays, you can enjoy this inner sea with all kinds of activities, like fishing, sailing, wind-surfing and other water sports.

The sunsets in the Mar de Aragón are really beautiful, and some people say that are like the ones in Ibiza, except, of course, for the Mediterranean Sea.


Fishing is the activity preferred for the majority of the visitors. More than 500 Km of inner costs in outstanding natural areas make this place an exceptional place for fishing.

Apart from the traditional fishing of ciprinides, nowadays Black Bass and Siluro are the new stars. Caspe is the European Capital of Bass. Black Bass fishing, from boats with artificial baits, is in fashion, and fishers from plenty of countries come to the Mar de Aragón.

Water Sports

You can enjoy water sports all the year through. Furthermore, many different sports events have been held in the Sea of Aragon since the early 80's, ranging from the water skiing Spanish Championship to professional motorboat competitions.

The main sports port is placed in the Urbanizacion (Estate) El Dique, but there are other small accesses or ramps for boats such as Urbanizacion Playas de Chacon, Camping Lake Caspe, Club de Tenis Meridiano Cero (Tennis Club)....

In the recent years, more and more shore fishers are taking the plunge and taking up the more challenging experience of boat fishing. As a consequence, the number of boats sailing, and least trying, on Caspe's waters is rapidly increasing.

View of the 'Mar de Aragon' - Caspe

Sunset in the 'Mar de Aragon' - Caspe

Madalena Island Heremite - Mar de Aragon - Caspe

A Black Bass is returned to the waters after its capture - Mar de Aragon - Caspe

Sail entering to the sport port - Mar de Aragón - Caspe