Caspe, Ciudad del Compromiso

Caspe is twice a city, because it has the title of City (given by the Queen Elisabeth II on May 5th, 1861), and it is the City of the Compromise (wich took place on 1412).

Without doubt, the Compromise of Caspe has been the most relevant event for Caspe, but not the only one. Apart from the Church where that historical event took place, in the streets of Caspe you can breathe the typical enviroment of a Mediterranean village. You can visit the ruins of the Castle, or see the Salamanca's Tower, built during the Carlistas Wars.

However, the best of Caspe is its citizens. Enjoying the company of the people from Caspe during the local festival, or Eastern, or whenever, will be the best souvenir for the visitor.

Salamanca Tower in the sunset